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     Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

      Since 1976 Parrish Construction Company has serviced the Tri-State areas building needs. We started as and remain a family owned and operated business, now into our third generation, due to the strong family values of the founders, Charles & Brenda Parrish. Our business has grown from a humble beginning in the residential market of building a few houses a year, to our current commercial, industrial and residential development projects. Our business philosophy is to treat our clients and employees with respect, courtesy and fairness and as a result our clients, most of whom we do multiple projects for, and our dedicated employees have remained loyal to us. Our reputation has been built over many years by providing building projects using sound construction techniques, reliable schedules, accurate budgets, safe jobsites and quality workmanship.

We conduct our business based on the following principles:

* Insure that every project will be completed with our high standard of quality.
* Be innovative and creative in the development of a project by fully understanding the needs of our clients.
* Build working relationships with our clients based on good business practices and trust, for current and future projects.
* Be willing to invest in equipment and other capital improvements that will insure our capabilities to complete our projects safely and on schedule.
* Provide our employee associates a safe work environment, training to improve their work skills, opportunity to advance and contribute to the company's growth, and to encourage them to take pride in their work.
* Be a good business citizen in our community by participating in civic organizations and charitable activities.
* Insure our future existence by making a fair profit, but be willing to sacrifice profit, when necessary, to avoid compromising our high standard of quality.